Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Person Who Had Has Influenced Me ♥

He is taller than me and well-built. His sweet dark and have a sweet smile and a beautigul lips. His smile make me feel very peacefully and have a pair of slit eyed. He is Seventeen years old. He was born on thirteen of September. He is not same school with me.

I knew him throygh the cell phone. He took my number from ny friend and my friend he's friends too. 0n 8 Nov 2011, I was at Stadium Hang Jebat to watch a played football with my family.Suddenly, has one number and no name out of my phone. I'm very suspended and I want who he is and a few minutes I text him.When I text him, he introduce himself to me first. He told to me he is my friends on Facebook were wished my birthday on Facebook. I was surprised when he told me and I know who he is now.

After we know each other for two months, we opened relationship on 3 January 2012 at 11:53 p.m. I first met him when second week I was attented my class tuition on Sunday. Before I enter my class at 10:00 a.m, I met him first near the tuition center at cafe. When we met, most liked eat snacks like bread and a cup of tea and coffee while to talk idly.

Memories of times together never unforgettable is respective to check phone and he likes to sing a song whatever music to fill inside the cafe. His voices not bad, if not long time ago I closed my ears and said to stop singing and we liked to take photo together happily.

I has been one month since I met Farmi Adha. We have become inseparable. I have learnt to appreciate this man with a heart of gold, who leads a simple and humble life. When I approach him in an angry mood or sad he will sense it through my face was sombre and quickly to persuade me softly and tried to calm me and asked what my problem. After I already to story, I pour out everything my troubles to him. Then, he will advise me.

My relationship became closer with him has changed my perspective towrds life. H e has taught me that honesty, diligence, never forgot to God and always pray are important for success in actual examination SPM and our daily life. He is my mentor, my listener and my counsellor. He gives is advise freely and does not hesitate to scold me when I am in the wrong. However, he always told to me he will study hard and he did not want to be lazy for this year. I want myself and himself success together in our life and examination. 

The End